Polaroid’s New Instant Camera Is Gorgeous.

While instant cameras aren’t as popular as they were back in the day (mostly due to insanely priced film), they’re still just as cool. Pictured above is the Polaroid Z2300. This little 10MP beast spits out 2” x 3” photos using inkles Zink technology which involves a lot of sciency stuff, so I’ll just copy/paste part of this Gizmodo article which explains it all.

Instead of using ink for printing, Zink photos use smudge-proof, water-resistant paper that contains tiny transparent crystals. When heated up, these crystals turn into cyan, magenta and yellow-colored dots that give you a paper photo in just one minute. It kind of feels like the old Polaroids, but on landscape format and without all the shaking.

The camera is $160, while a 20-sheet pack of Premium Zink paper goes for $15 and the 50-sheet pack goes for $25. You can also print stickers.

And best of all, all the pictures are stored on an on-board SD card and can be edited before printing. This thing even does video! Man, and to think, oldschool Poaroid instant cameras were the size of toasters and couldn’t even do all the crazy stuff this thing can!


She’s beautiful

Actually, the 30-pack is $15 and 50-pack is $25 :)

This camera is available for pre-orders on the Polaroid site. If you pre-order it is expected to ship on August 15! :D

Uhm, early birthday gift please (((((((:

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